Flame Sensor Repair

The flame sensor on your furnace is essential for your unit to function properly. Even if your furnace isn't on through much of our Texas year, it must not get cracked or corroded. If your furnace light is shutting down after a few minutes (short-cycling) or you see other observable signs that it needs repair, give us a call.

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Best Flame Detection Service in Texas

RealTime AC Solution has helped residents of the Texas area for many years. We are well-equipped with teams of HVAC pros. Even something as small as a flame sensor can amount to major repairs if it isn’t addressed. Most commonly, it just needs to be professionally cleaned. It may be giving off an error signal or simply undermining the function of your furnace. Whatever the issue, we can identify and resolve it.

Free Estimate and Inspection

Inspection is a common service provided by HVAC firms. Your HVAC system, as well as the space to which it will supply ventilation, will be examined. This is true for any type of HVAC system. If you have a central HVAC system, it may take the contractors longer to provide a complete estimate. Free estimates are available from some HVAC contractors. Choose one that provides this package to save money.

Call The Experts At RealTime AC Solution

The thought of your furnace breaking down can be overwhelming, which is why we strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with your furnace and having a quality HVAC contractor on hand if something does go wrong. It isn't safe or comfortable to ignore furnace problems, so call us at +1(713) 878-3063 or schedule an appointment online, especially if you're having issues or if you need an HVAC check-up. We're happy to help!


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